Robert Johnson's Inexplicable Talent

Not only lovers and fans of fascinating music and acting talent are familiar with the mystical list – "Club 27". Everyone knows at least a few names of musicians and actors whose lives were interrupted at the age of 27. Moreover, most of these deaths remain unsolved until now.
One of the iconic musicians included in this list was Robert Johnson, the legendary American bluesman.
The Mystery of Talent
Robert's whole life is filled with mysterious events and twists of fate. His childhood, personal life, career.
An unknown boy has always wanted to be on stage. Several times Robert had the opportunity to prove his talent. The guy was never taken seriously – playing the guitar left much to be desired, he could not sing, the sense of rhythm was doubtful. In general, he did not possess any talents and abilities. Compared to their peers.
At the age of 19, Robert disappeared from the environment. A year later, he returned to the city, where he also continued to be ignored. In one of the familiar establishments, at the time of the break, the musicians went out to smoke. Suddenly, blues motifs began to be heard from the empty hall, mesmerizing with their sound and professionalism. An even greater surprise arose when everyone saw who was playing on stage in an empty hall. It was Robert Johnson.
No one could believe that in less than a year, a clumsy guy with no obvious talents could achieve such results in the game. This event is considered a reporting point in the issue of the mystical appearance of Robert's talent.
Johnson answered all the questions with a story about a magical crossroads. Having visited him at the time of his absence, Johnson allegedly sold his soul to the devil at this place, receiving in return the talent of playing the blues. Robert did not keep secret his fascination with voodoo magic, through which he communicated with the devil. By performing rituals, he was able to go beyond his capabilities and get the skill he dreamed of. There are also lines in his songs that mention the devil and communion with him.
Many were afraid of Robert Johnson and considered him possessed. He often wandered alone, without friends. There were cases when he was seen in several different cities at the same time.
The virtuoso genius of the blues died, as befits a club, at the age of 27. His death has been a mystery to fans for a long time. Johnson's death was described by various stories and fictions. According to the latest information, Robert was poisoned and was dying painfully.
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